The colors displayed on the screen may not accurately represent the final result.
The choice of the same color for frame and decal (e.g. black on black)
is only possible in the presence of contrasting finishes: matt on shiny or shiny on matt.

Always consult an authorized Cipollini dealer to check every detail.

We would like to inform you that if you choose one of the special color options, given the craftsmanship of the process, any slight variations are not to be considered a defect but a demonstration of the unique hand done work making the bike one of a kind.
It is a human process that adds that magical touch to the bike and makes it original.

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The current state of
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Use a tablet or a desktop
to access myCipo configurator.


Special colors

Only one special tints can be used per frame.

Only one special tints can be used per frame, reset to start over .


      BOND EVO

      • Painted Shiny
      • Painted Matt
      • Total Shiny
      • Total Matt


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